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Susi Kaml CFO at MVGM Group

1 year ago

On 1 August, drs. Susi Kaml (39) will start her job as CFO for European Property Manager MVGM Group. Kaml will be succeeding Anjo Wielemaker, who has spent the past 2 years at MVGM. Wielemaker has decided to return to the world of enterprise, as partner at Fybe.

Since 2013, Austria-born Kaml has been living and working in both the Netherlands and abroad. Kaml has worked for Flexim Group since June 2018, which is a Swiss company that specialises in Facility Management, is located in both the Netherlands and Switzerland, and has subsidiaries in 17 countries. After working as Finance Director Europe, she was appointed as Finance Director of the Group and became responsible for Northern Europe. She started her role as CFO in August 2020.

Eddy Smit, co-owner and Chairman of the board at MVGM Group is pleased with the appointment of Kaml: ‘Susi’s international background and her experience in Facility Management are a great addition to the Holding board at MVGM.’ Smit had the following to say about working with Wielemaker: ‘We really enjoyed working with Anjo. She established an effective international administration at MVGM in a short space of time, and we will always be very grateful to her. We wish her the very best.’

The board at MVGM consists of co-owners Eddy Smit and Menno van der Horst. In addition, the Holding board consists of Managing Director Maarten de Haas, CIO Cor Treure and CHRO Peggy Poldervaart. The board and Holding board are responsible for supervising the Managing Directors, who manage over 1,500 employees in the 10 European countries where MVGM is active. After initiating a drive for further internationalisation in 2019, MVGM now places great focus on real estate management and residential real estate. MVGM is the market leader in this field in the Netherlands, and continues to gain more and more ground at international level.